The Western left’s collaboration with the Western bourgeoisie

Republished from the Hood Communist ( "As the Western left has become more aligned with their imperialist bourgeoisie in the destabilization of the Global South, the radical Black tradition provides a clear approach to “turn imperialist wars into wars against imperialism.” Changes in historical conditions can elevate a secondary contradiction to a primary, and antagonistic [...]

China fears nuclear leak after US submarine collision in its waters

China has expressed its grave concern about the accident involving US submarine USS Connecticut hitting an unknown object in the South China Sea, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said on Friday, urging the US to clarify more details about the accident, its purpose of cruising in the area, and whether it has caused a [...]


Although it is not specifically about environmental matters, this post will be of particular interest to our members as the majority come from the Asia Pacific region. War is of course a major threat to both humanity and nature. China Environment recommend this article by Thomas Hon Wing Polin (from his China's World page on [...]

Xi’s pledge on stopping coal-fired projects overseas marks Beijing’s ‘firmest determination, greatest effort’ to curb global warming

  Source: Global Times Published: Sep 22, 2021    Aerial photo taken on Dec. 13, 2019 shows the power plant PLTU Java 7 in Bojonegara subdistrict of Banten province, Indonesia. Unit 1 of Indonesia's coal-fired power plant PLTU Java 7 developed by a consortium of Chinese and Indonesian companies. Photo: XinhuaChinese President Xi Jinping's pledge [...]


By Thomas Hon Wing Polin "The best single expression of China’s vision for the 21st century is its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the most ambitious development project ever. It is a contemporary version of the original Silk Roads (one land, one maritime), which helped the ancient world flourish for more than a millennium." "BRI’s [...]

Critique of 21st century imperialism and ecological Marxism: a view from China

The following is an extract from an article written by two Chinese Marxist academics, Professor Cheng Enfu and Dr Fu Hao, which reviews the positive role by the US magazine Monthly Review in contributing to Marxist political analysis in the 21st Century. A key element of this contribution has been the critique of imperialism and [...]

Defence or Defenestration

By Anthony M Leong Dumping Australia’s French submarine contract, then awarding it to the USA and Great Britain, whilst establishing a new “AUKUS” alliance, has many consequences, mostly problematic. Has Australia’s reputation been thrown out the window? It is axiomatic that any government has a moral obligation to defend its citizens and borders. Citizens must [...]

China shows willingness in cooperating with US on climate issue

US realizes cooperation with China indispensable: Analysts  US climate envoy John Kerry on 1-2 September 2021 made his second visit to China inside five months under China’s invitation, at a time when the bilateral relationship has hit a nadir not seen in decades. China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment announced on Tuesday that Kerry would visit China [...]

No Great Wall: on the continuities of the Chinese Revolution

It is impossible to understand China's efforts to create an "ecological civilization" without understanding the context of its economic and cultural modernization . To understand China today it is essential to understand the struggle by the Communist Party of China to rapidly modernize that country - just as it is not possible to genuinely understand [...]

About China Environment …

Global environmental crisis is the product of centuries of Western exploitation of the land, natural resources and labour of the Global South. Seriously tackling the global ecological crisis must involve a global redistribution of power and wealth from the West to the Global South. We unequivocally acknowledge that in China this has required the building of socialism with [...]

Details of plot to harm Hong Kong revealed

By GRENVILLE CROSS 31 August 2021 About the author: Grenville Cross is a senior counsel, law professor and criminal justice analyst, and was previously director of public prosecutions of the Hong Kong SAR. His work has appeared in numerous publications, including the Standard, the South China Morning Post, and China Daily. This piece was printed simultaneously [...]

White Man’s Media: vilification of China and ‘colonisation of the mind’

Most political colonies have come to an end. But a colonial mind set continues in the Australian media. That colonial media mind set in turn promotes a ‘colonisation of the mind’. By John Menadue, the publisher of Pearls & Irritations. The US Department of Defence maintains, in its own words ‘full spectrum dominance’ throughout the [...]

China is transforming the world

"US and Western over consumption is still the leading force for environmental destruction of the global ecosystem. China continues to be a key driving force in moving the planet towards ecological civilization and in redressing centuries of plunder of the land, labour and resources of the global south by Western imperialism"CEN Editorial Statement, 17 December [...]

Is Natural Selection culling far right Americans?

Large numbers anti-science rednecks choose death, serious long-term illness, and for males, impotence from Covid. Ironically, this could be seen as reinforcing the veracity of Darwinian natural selection. The death rate from COVID-19 in the U.S. is rising. The seven-day average of new cases has increased by nearly 70% to almost 30,000 per day; hospitalizations [...]


The 21SilkRd group on Facebook was launched in 2016 with a twofold aim. One was to cover the biggest, most important development project in history: the China-inspired Belt & Road Initiative to link the EurAsian landmass. The second was to rebut the false and mistaken narratives about China that routinely flood the Western media. It [...]

21 Silk Rd 2.0 group shut down again by Facebook oligarchs

Our sister group 21 Silk Rd 2.0 has been closed down by the US regime's oligarchs at Facebook. Twitter Facebook Google = Core censors and political propaganda mouthpieces of the US imperialist oligarchy's ruling class. The Facebook Gestapo, on the behest of the "Democratic" wing of the US regime, is intensifying attacks on anti-imperialist and [...]

China, Russia guide new Afghan government’s diplomacy

Beijing and Moscow are working to rehabilitate the Taliban and smooth international acceptance of the new Afghan Government By PEPE ESCOBAR, August 19, 2021 The first Taliban press conference after last weekend’s Saigon moment geopolitical earthquake, conducted by spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, was in itself a game-changer.   The contrast could not be starker with those rambling pressers at [...]

The New Cold War on China

"It would not be an exaggeration to say that China’s Third Revolution has been greeted by the United States and the other core capitalist powers with a combination of disbelief, shock, and anger. Unaccustomed to thinking historically and dialectically, relying on mere formalistic frames of analysis, and believing in the inevitable triumph of capitalism, the [...]

Should the United States be investigated by the WHO over COVID-19’s origins?

Report on CGTN Think Tank Online Survey Full survey report: ** Click to access Should-the-United-States-be-investigated-by-the-WHO-over-COVID-19-origins-English-version.pdf CGTN Think Tank conducted a global online survey, available in six UN official languages, on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, VK, Weibo and WeChat, on July 30. Participants were asked: "Do you think the WHO should investigate the U.S. as part of the [...]

Climate change opens new avenues for China-EU cooperation

Having set ambitious climate targets and drawn up sweeping plans to limit greenhouse gas emissions, both China and the European Union are staying on track to pursue sustainable development and thereby to shape a green future, which opens up new vistas for bilateral cooperation. FRANKFURT, July 29 (Xinhua) -- Shuttling between stations in an assembly [...]

Socialism with Chinese Characteristics: A Guide for Foreigners

Introduction by China Environment News Editors: Roland Boer Australian Roland Boer is Professor in the School of Marxism, Dalian University of Technology, China. He was formerly Associate Professor in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies at Monash University, Australia. He now lives in China and is a member of Communist Party of Australia. Roland Boer’s book covers the [...]

Surge in terrorist attacks on Hong Kong as 9 arrested making bombs

BREAKING NEWS: NINE PEOPLE, including six secondary students, were arrested today (6 July 2021) making major explosives for use in Hong Kong. On 1 July, Hong Kong suffered its first-ever suicide terrorist attack. The suicide attack happened in Hong Kong Island's busiest spot. The terrorist attempted to murder an on-duty police officer by stabbing him [...]

An open letter to Australian Government’s ABC News network*

Is the Australian Broadcasting Commissions controlled by some invisible force to promote the idea that China is all bad and to completely refuse any open dialogue? "It seems apparent to me that the ABC, like every other Australian mainstream media outlet is controlled by some invisible force to promote the idea that China is all [...]

China’s socialist market economy and rational macro controls

Much has been written about China's socialist market economy since October 1992, when the concept was formally endorsed. Many have debated its true nature. Is it really a socialist or a market economy? Is it an unwieldy synthesis of both, or has it through time matured into a manageable system for continued national development? And [...]