China’s alternative to the Western liberal model of globalization

  An extract from Roland Boer's book Socialism with Chinese Characteristics "What we are currently witnessing is a contest between two models of globalization - between "zero sum" and "win-win". The former has been the dominant model ever since the era of European colonialism and the era of primitive capital accumulation through colonial plunder, slavery [...]

The Dawn of Another Age: The Communian

An extract from an article published in the Monthly Review Today the moment of truth looms large. We currently reside within a “Great Climacteric”—first identified in the 1980s by geographers Ian Burton and Robert Kates—a long period of crisis and transition in which human society will either generate a stable relation to the Earth System [...]

Start of China’s global environmental journey: 1972 Stockholm Conference

The Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment, in June 1972, was the first major United Nations event featuring the People’s Republic of China. It helped shaped the country’s understanding of environmental issues ever since. Next month, China is set to host a major UN environmental conference, after a delay of more than a year due [...]

Critique of 21st century imperialism and the growth of ecological Marxism: a view from China

We publish this extract as part of our ongoing series on Ecological Marxism, Chinese Marxism and Eco-Socialism The following is from an article written by two Chinese Marxist academics, Professor Cheng Enfu and Dr Fu Hao, which reviews the positive role by the US magazine Monthly Review in contributing to Marxist political analysis in the [...]

The role of State-owned enterprises in China

Chinese SOEs are social enterprises that effectively balance the demands of multiple stakeholders. More importantly, China’s institutions provides a better supporting ecosystem for SOEs to reinforce the creation of social value when pursuing value maximization. The Chinese SOEs are able to sacrifice profits and efficiency to fulfill social roles (including environmental ones) when necessary. State-owned [...]

Adapting Marxism to the Chinese Context: the CPC’s perspective

Source: English Edition of Qiushi Journal, 2021-09-08, By Wang Weiguang  The Communist Party of China (CPC) has undergone an incredible journey over the past century. Adapting Marxism to the Chinese context has been a glorious chapter in CPC's 100-year history, and an important tool that has enabled the CPC to capture victory after victory and bring [...]

No Great Wall: on the continuities of the Chinese Revolution

It is impossible to understand China's efforts to create an "ecological civilization" without understanding the context of its economic and cultural modernization . To understand China today it is essential to understand the struggle by the Communist Party of China to rapidly modernize that country - just as it is not possible to genuinely understand [...]

Socialism with Chinese Characteristics: A Comprehensive Guide for Foreigners

Introduction by China Environment News : Roland Boer The author is a member of Communist Party of Australia, and a Professor in the School of Marxism, Dalian University of Technology in China. Roland Boer was formerly Associate Professor in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies at Monash University, Australia, before he moved to live in China. Roland Boer’s [...]

China’s socialist market economy and rational macro controls

Much has been written about China's socialist market economy since October 1992, when the concept was formally endorsed. Many have debated its true nature. Is it really a socialist or a market economy? Is it an unwieldy synthesis of both, or has it through time matured into a manageable system for continued national development? And [...]

Understanding China’s economic miracle

China has recorded the greatest economic growth by a major country in the whole of human history. In parallel, China has produced the most rapid increase in living standards of any major country in human history. A new book China’s Great Road collects together in English a number of analyses by John Ross on China’s [...]

Governance in China: A socialist market economy with strong State capacity

"China will continuously work on striking a balance between developing its economy and promoting energy conservation and emissions reductions by rolling out more detailed plans and policies to guide targeted industries and enterprises and progressing in adopting and developing clean energy." The market economy is mainly reflected in what role the market plays in the [...]

Ecological civilization: A new development paradigm

By Pan Jiahua, Professor of Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences University, with assistance from Yang Xinran. Almost every strategic study on environment and development solicited by the Chinese government refers to ‘ecological civilization’. Successive presidents have connected their names to it. The simplest interpretation of this term has been as the Chinese equivalent of [...]

Marxism and the Origins of the Ecological Critique

John Bellamy Foster’s The Return of Nature: Socialism and Ecology (Monthly Review Press, 2020) shows the role played by biologists and other scientists with a non-mechanistic, materialist outlook, alongside various Marxists, in laying the foundations of ecology in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. John Bellamy Foster’s book The Return of Nature picks up where the [...]

All the questions socialists have about China but were too afraid to ask

Alexander Norton interviews Scottish writer Keith Lamb, who has lived and taught in China for two decades. Keith Lamb is a University of Oxford graduate with a MSc degree in Contemporary Chinese studies and works as a translator of academic texts. His primary research interests are China’s international relations. He talks about his experience of [...]

A Resource for Scientific Radicals – The Return of Nature: Socialism and Ecology

A review of John Bellamy Foster’s The Return of Nature: Socialism and Ecology By Dr Camilla Royle The Return of Nature is a genealogy of ecological thinking. The word ‘ecology’ was not in common usage until the twentieth century, leading many to consider ecological thinking a fairly recent development. However, in this impressive volume, Professor John Bellamy [...]

Ecological Civilization: China’s counter to “Sustainable Development”?

China’s concept of ecological civilisation is meant to counter the Western view of sustainable development and assert its intellectual and political leadership on environmental issues. Over the last three decades, Chinese intellectuals, government officials, party stalwarts and state leaders have toyed with the concept of ‘ecological civilisation’ (EC) to frame their environmental ideology and management [...]

Ecological Civilisation: A Challenge to Liberal Environmentalism?

Adjunct Professor Berthold Kuhn looks at the specific features of the concept and analyses from the perspectives of national policy making and international cooperation. The West, and environmental liberals more broadly, would benefit from a better understanding of and engagement with China’s experience of environmental policy making. Professor Kuhn He advocates paper increasing international engagement [...]

Ecological Civilisation – China’s “Eight Principles”

The concept of ecological civilisation serves as a guide for China’s fast-track endeavour to tackle the challenges facing its environment and ecosystems, respond to the public’s aspirations for a pleasant and eco-friendly living environment and promote sustainable development in a balanced manner. It lends an ideological impetus to China’s active involvement in global ecological and [...]

For an Eco-Socialist Vision: Interview with Professor Qingzhi Huan

An interview with Professor Qingzhi Huan. He is professor of comparative politics at the Research Institute of Marxism at Peking University and a professor at the School of Political Science and Public Administration at Shandong University, China. Professor Qingzhi Huan's main research areas are environmental politics and left-wing politics. He is the author of "International [...]

The Eco-socialist Roots of Ecological Civilisation: Professor Arran Gare

Professor Arran Gare is an associate professor in Philosophy and Cultural Inquiry with the Department of Social Sciences at Swinburne University, Australia. He argues that the notion of ecological civilization "establishes a tradition of socialist thought that now has the potential to challenge and replace global capitalism." The notion of ecological civilization has become central to [...]

Capitalism and Robbery

The Expropriation of Land, Labor, and Corporeal Life From Monthly Review - "The expropriation of the mass of the people from the soil constitutes the basis of the capitalist mode of production. " — "Karl Marx 1 “The power of abstraction,” Karl Marx noted, is absolutely crucial to the theoretical analysis of historical systems, [...]



US and Western over consumption is still the leading force for environmental destruction of the global ecosystem. China continues to be a key driving force in moving the planet towards ecological civilization and in redressing centuries of plunder of the land, labour and resources of the global south by Western imperialism.