China vows closer ties with Pacific Island countries on environment

Foreign Minister Wang Yi China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Thursday that China is willing to work with Pacific Island countries for a closer comprehensive strategic partnership. Wang made the remarks while chairing the first China-Pacific Island Countries Foreign Ministers' Meeting via video link. Wang said the relations between China and Pacific Island countries [...]

As climate change turns North America into a “dust bowl”, US sanctions cripple global growth in solar power

"the reality is that the Biden is doing everything he can to sabotage the adoption of solar power across the globe" Extreme heat in 2021 has broken the famous Dust Bowl record from 1936 for the hottest summer on record in the USA. In 1936, the world observed a hot blob on a relatively cool [...]

White Man’s Media: vilification of China and ‘colonisation of the mind’

Most political colonies have come to an end. But a colonial mind set continues in the Australian media. That colonial media mind set in turn promotes a ‘colonisation of the mind’. By John Menadue, the publisher of Pearls & Irritations. The US Department of Defence maintains, in its own words ‘full spectrum dominance’ throughout the [...]

The New Cold War on China

"It would not be an exaggeration to say that China’s Third Revolution has been greeted by the United States and the other core capitalist powers with a combination of disbelief, shock, and anger. Unaccustomed to thinking historically and dialectically, relying on mere formalistic frames of analysis, and believing in the inevitable triumph of capitalism, the [...]

Is China about to take off the gloves?

Historic turning point as China looks to breakup of the US Empire "China should adopt different policies toward the US and its allies, while at the same time treat members of the Five Eyes alliance and other Western countries differently. Previously, China attached more importance to maintaining China-US relations. In the future, we will devote [...]