China’s first ‘hydrogen expressway’ refueling station starts operation in Shandong

China’s first provincial ‘hydrogen expressway’ refueling station was went into operation this week in the south Zibo service area of the north Line of Jiqing highway, east China’s Shandong Province.

It has a daily hydrogen supply capacity of 500kg to fill 50 hydrogen fuel vehicles.

Shandong has become the first and only province in China to popularize and apply hydrogen energy on a large scale. It aims to build the first domestic “hydrogen expressway corridor” with at least 10 hydrogen refueling stations along the Jiqing expressway.

SINOPEC is also building a hydrogen refueling station in the south Jinan expressway service area and is expected to complete construction by the end of this year. By then, China’s first “hydrogen expressway” will be unveiled.

With hydrogen refueling stations, integrated energy service stations will follow, providing fueling services for diesel, gas, LNG, hydrogen, photovoltaic charging, and other chain convenience stores.


SOURCE: 2021-11-19.

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