Feeding 1.4 billion: Smart farming with China’s big grain silo

Sixty percent of people in China live on rice as their staple food, and most of this rice is produced in the “Rice Capital” that is northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province. Here, the town of Jiansanjiang is one of the most important grain-producing bases in the country, with 15 state-owned farms.

In recent years the farms have shifted from manual planting to full mechanized production with the practice of China’s smart agriculture technology. This involves remote satellite sensing maps, big data and 5G. It means that smart farms may one day be transformed into unmanned farms, using advanced technology to put more bowls of rice on Chinese tables.

VIDEO click link to watch – https://youtu.be/CVB2GUVtFtE

View of rice harvest in China's Heilongjiang - Global Times
Rice harvest in China’s Heilongjiang

SOURCE: CGTN, 14 Dec 2019

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