Global environmental crisis is the product of centuries of Western exploitation of the land, resources and labour of the global south

US and Western over consumption is still the leading force for environmental destruction of the global ecosystem. China continues to be a key driving force in moving the planet towards ecological civilization and in redressing centuries of plunder of the land, labour and resources of the global south by Western imperialism.

In the global battle for ecological rationality and equity, China has increasingly emerged as the international leader for Green development and what the Chinese call ecological civilisation.

A key reason China Environment News was created in late 2019 was to contribute towards providing rational and balanced news about what is happening in China in regard to the protecting the environment, both within that amazing nation and globally. In particular, we wanted to make such information available in the Asia Pacific region and in those countries five eye countries (like Australia and New Zealand) that are subjected to an endless of barrage of Anglo-US anti-China propaganda, distortion and “false news”.

In the past few years it has become clear that the US pursues full-spectrum warfare against China (and any other nation that dares seek to control its own affairs).

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We support global north-south equity, and reject the West’s anti-socialist, neo-“liberal” capitalist ideology. Unfortunately this is ideology is embraced by many Greens and the pseudo “Left” in many Western nations. The global environmental crisis is not something that can be reversed by adopting a few reforms aimed at the “environmental modernization” of international capitalism nor by a “Green New Deal” which appeals to and entrenches the privileges of the West.

This does not mean that we do not welcome meaningful Western reforms and initiatives. But we do bear in mind the history of the West in subjugating both humanity and nature.

Global ecological crisis is the product of centuries of largely unrestrained Western industrialisation and neo-colonial plunder of the natural resources, land and labour of global south by imperialism and its current neo-liberal incarnation.

Seriously tackling global ecological crisis must involve a global redistribution of power and wealth.

Global Interactions - Geography
Global South (red) vs Global North

At the last major round of UN climate change negotiations under the Paris Agreement held in Madrid in late 2019, the world witnessed the rich Western nations – the United Kingdom, the European Union, Australia and Canada, led by the United States – sabotage progress on the key issue of addressing historic greenhouse gas contributions.

The rich Western bloc has repeatedly reneged on their commitments to deliver financial and technological assistance to developing nations to avoid the pollution model of Western development. This is necessary for developing nations to bypass the ecological mess inherited from the West and to lift the standard of living of their peoples.

In this global battle for ecological rationality and equity, China has emerged as the international leader. Much of the current Western anti-China hysteria is an attempt to disguise and undermine emerging global leadership and success of People’s China. The new Biden regime in the US has been even more aggressive than its comical predecessor and shows every sign, so far, that it intends to continue the US broad spectrum war against China. A key focus of American anti-China hysteria is the mindless repetition of the claim that China is “the world’s biggest polluter.”

We have all along said that the battle to save the precious ecology of our planet comes down to the question: which side are you on?Are you for or against imperialism? There is no “middle path”.

This website will continue to provide information and analysis that we have provided through our Facebook and VK social media platforms. One change in focus is that while we will still focus on news and analysis of China’s efforts on the environmental front, we will expand our efforts by bringing you more detailed analysis of geo-strategic issues.

There should be no illusions that significant elements of the US imperialist ruling oligarchy have embarked on a very dangerous path that will lead to a new world war – unless the US is weakened and defeated before it can realize its lunatic plans.

24 May 2021